A flat-rate service plan is the only way we provide service to customers.

What’s included with our flat-rate plan?

  • Unlimited calls for tech support
  • On site visits when necessary (for local customers)
  • Remote monitoring of all of your equipment to make sure it is running properly
  • Remote access to your computers (for our technicians, but also for you and your employees)
  • Wired and wireless (including Guest Wi-Fi) management
  • Failover Internet service configuration and monitoring
  • VoIP telephone system management
  • Management of communication bills for Internet, Phone, and TV services
  • Discounted Verizon Wireless Service
  • Cloud-based data backups
  • Web filtering / virus / malware protection
  • Windows security updates
  • 3rd party security updates (Java, Adobe Reader, Chrome, etc.)
  • “Least privilege” security policies
  • PCI / HIPAA / FINRA compliance policies
  • Asset Management / Budgeting worksheets
  • Desktop faxing / Email to fax
  • Continuous monitoring and scanning of your Internet connections for vulnerabilities
  • Website hosting
  • Scanning of your website for vulnerabilities

Why do we include everything instead of breaking out the services individually and billing by the hour for service?

Quite simply, we select best-of-breed solutions for each area, and deploy them across our entire client base.  It’s the same reason we manage all of our customers’ networks the same way.  It provides several advantages:

  1. We can get better discounts on the services than each client purchasing them on their own.  This also gives you a single bill to pay & budget for all of your IT needs.
  2. We get more familiar with each of these services and can implement them consistently across each customer’s network, so that we know how each one is configured when we have to troubleshoot it.
  3. We get to know the quirks of each service and can fix any issues across our entire customer base before issues arise.
  4. We can monitor the operation of each service across the entire customer base (like monitoring each customer’s nightly backups!)
  5. We can spend our time working on technical issues instead of messing around with complicated billing of individual services.

Why not just charge us hourly for service when my system is broken?

  1. With hourly service, both parties are “watching the clock” to make sure everything gets done quickly.  There is no incentive to fix issues permanently.  Nobody ends up happy with this arrangement in our experience.
  2. Major problems can get very expensive very quickly.  It’s not out of the question for a single virus infection on an unmanaged system to take 6-8 hours to fully clean up, but we usually don’t know how long it will take until we get well into it.  When you compare that to flat-rate service plans as low as $400/month, the savings can be significant.
  3. With flat-rate service plans, we can spend time doing maintenance on your systems before they break.  We prefer to fix issues permanently, not “Band Aid” them.
  4. You get the security and management services that will keep your systems running reliably instead of running until things break, then dealing with hours of outage while we get your system back up and running.
  5. We encourage you (and your staff) to call us with questions big and small – there’s no worrying about unexpected bills with us!