Pinnacle Technology Solutions is a great place to start or continue your career in the IT industry.

We’re always looking for personable people that:

1. Want to serve our customers and coworkers well
2. Love solving difficult problems
3. Love working in a flexible team environment where you’re always learning and growing your skills

At Pinnacle, attitude, integrity, dependability, and a heart to serve others far outweigh any certifications, degrees, and advanced experience you may have. Technical skills are important, but if you have the fundamentals down, we can teach you the rest.


  • Casual small business work environment
  • Flexible work schedules
  • Plenty of paid time off
  • Frequent team lunches together
  • Company outings
  • Retirement plan

Most positions would be full-time in our Fort Wayne office, but for people with advanced technical skills, remote work would certainly be considered, especially after a training period in Fort Wayne.

Interested or have questions?  Email a resume to

Available Positions

Systems Administrator

We’re always looking for new systems administrators to join our team.  This position describes most of our company.  This position is typically full-time, and consists of working on customer issues nearly 100% of the time.  Sometimes this means answering phone calls from customers having problems, sometimes this means going on site and addressing problems in person, and sometimes this means responding to emails from customers.

You will get to know the people at the companies you are working with, and we expect you to maintain a friendly, professional relationship with them.  We focus on quality rather than quantity – we want you to have the time to solve the problem “the right way”, rather than evaluating you on how fast you can close tickets or get people off of the phone.

If you aren’t energized by digging in and solving tough problems, you won’t enjoy this job.  We don’t set up “tier 1”, “tier 2”, and “tier 3” systems where you do anything you can, then send it on to the next level.  We want to train you to handle ALL of the issues.  This is a great job for somebody who wants to learn the inner workings of computers, networks, and Internet-based services.

Desired Experience – we don’t expect you to know all of these things, but we’ll give you experience working with all of these things:
  • Windows Workstation & Server
  • Mac OSX
  • iOS / Android experience
  • VoIP telephony
  • Firewalls / Routing / VLANs
  • Wireless Network management
  • Linux servers
  • Low-voltage Wiring (Cat6 & Fiber)
  • Office 365 / Google Apps
  • Security Cameras

College Intern

If you are pursuing an IT-related degree and want a “real-world” summer or other part-time job experience, consider us for a paid internship.  You’ll get more hands-on experience and responsibility than most other internships you could pursue.  Even if you’re studying programming, this is a great opportunity to grow your technical skills and understand better what businesses and users need.  Understanding the end goal and how programs/sites/services integrate into real users’ workflows will be immensely beneficial to you in the long-term.  You’ll get experience in most or all of the areas above (see Systems Administrator).

Senior Systems Administrator

A Senior Systems Administrator is the team leader for 2-3 Systems Administrator and/or College Interns.  This person must have the technical experience to teach and mentor the junior members of the team, as well as the professionalism to work directly with clients to manage larger projects, including onboarding new customers, ordering equipment, quoting new projects, etc.  With some proven experience, a senior systems administrator may have the opportunity to start a new office in a different city.

Office Support

We do not have any open positions for office support at this time.  Feel free to submit a resume for future consideration, however.

Office Support staff are responsible for the non-technical aspects of the business, including (but not limited to) answering & triaging customer phone calls, monitoring incoming support tickets and system-down alerts, ordering & shipping software and equipment, maintaining inventory, ordering office supplies, etc.